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  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection
  • Encore environmental protection

Zhejiang encore environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is the area of middle of zhejiang environmental comprehensive management enterprise specialized is engaged in the factory。2012In acquisition of jinhua city environmental protection equipment factory,Become the leading enterprises in jinhua production research and development of environmental protection equipment。 The company set research、Development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales、The installation、Debugging、Training、After-sales service、Engineering operations as a whole。

The company is specialized in organic waste gases(VOC)、Soot、Plant environmental projects such as oil 。Developed a variety of environmental management techniques and equipment,The production of products have been throughout the country,In metallurgical casting、Metal processing、Pharmaceutical、Wood processing、Mining building materials、Food processing、Electrons、Printing and other industries are widely used。

Company with“Science and technology innovation,Good faith for this”For the enterprise business philosophy,Rely on scientific management and advanced management technology,Constantly absorb new technologies,New product development,Keep pace with The Times,Successively with the domestic famous scientific research institutions、Design institute established friendly strategic cooperation relationship,Joint research and development。We have a vibrant technology comprehensive team,Existing senior management personnel,Senior technicians have rich experience in environmental improvement and the practice of environmental management。With good reputation、A solid technology and thoughtful and meticulous service,And a new learning team,Will provide the most professional technical support and service for you。

The company will always insist on“Quality first”As the development of the enterprise,In order to“The percentage of customer satisfaction”As the target of enterprise。In the competition and development,Seeks the opportunity in the challenge。Over the years,By all the staff together,Hard work,Have the courage to struggle,Management,Grasp the quality,Finally opened his own a dominated by market,Strives for the survival by the quality of the road,Strive for perfection,The development of innovation,并树立坚定不移的In order to质取胜的信念。


Business areas

Waste gas treatment

36Years experience in waste management,On the dust,VOCExhaust gas has a wealth of management experience,Dust ultra-low emissions could do5mgOr less,For allVOCThe processing technology and equipment have technical reserves,Can be a very good choice depending on the type of waste gas treatment technology,Meet the national discharge standard

Odor control

In the face of national new request odor treatment,Set up department for docking,Through a series of technical means to help companies control exhaust gas odor,Environmental protection workshop,To improve employee work environment

Wastewater treatment

The most targeted wastewater solution precision custom,Our company has its own expert technical team and lab,According to the customer information and sample test report of eia,A thorough understanding of customer production process、Raw material process、Product characteristics,Data accuracy wastewater

Environmental steward

Provide enterprises with a one-stop environmental hosting service,As a whole to solve the problem of the environment the enterprise or the park;Improve the scientific decision-making,The effect of guarantee service,Effectively reduce the enterprise and industrial environmental management costs


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